Course overview

Hey there!

First off, thank you for purchasing the course, your support means a great deal to me. I've been working on this course for over a year now and so happy to bring it into reality.

Welcome to your journey in becoming a more valuable strategic designer. In this first segment I will briefly walk you trough the course so you can get a clear view of what you will learn. Let's get started:

1 — In the first chapter we talk about:

  • The course interview, duh :-)
  • How strategy changed my career.
  • How a strategy project looks like.

2 —The second chapter is really about why strategy matters, how it has grown and how you can educate and sell it to your clients.

  • The value of strategy
  • How to sell strategy
  • The origin and history of brand strategy

3 — In the 3rd chapter we dive in with the client workshop, how to faciliate, where to pay attention to and what questions to ask.

  • Why do we need a workshop?
  • What questioins to ask
  • Asking the right questions

4 — Next, we take a look at the discovery phase, looking at the competitors, the company culture and so on.

  • Company culture and history
  • Competitor audit
  • Customer journey

5 — After that, we dive deep into our customer's customer:

  • Target audience and segmentation
  • Customer research
  • Buyer or user Personas

6 — Now it's time to dive in to what may be called the brand 'essence' or purpose, why does the brand excist besides making money?

  • Why are we here?
  • Core values and why they matter
  • Creating a brand manifesto

7 — Now we now what the company is, who their customers are and why they excist, we can start to take a stand for the brand. We can start 'positioning' the brand.

  • What positioning is about
  • Defining the value proposition
  • Positioning mapping and positioning statement

8 — Here we take a look at the brand personality. What is the tone of voice? What are the brand attributes and how can we define this?

  • Why is personality important?
  • Choosing the right attributes
  • Crafting a brand voice

9 — Time to get our hands dirty, after all this talking and writing, we want to translate this strategy into a visual language.

  • Why is there a gap?
  • How to bridge the gap
  • Stylescapes & moodboard

10 — In this final chapter we finish off with some final tips and tricks.

  • Tips about presentation
  • A few final words before you fly off

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