Master the art of brand strategy.

Get a deep understanding of the key concepts that drive brand strategy and its relation to marketing and business strategy. In it we explore:

  • Definitions or branding, brand, brand strategy, and other key concepts
  • Examples and case studies
  • Current debates like differentiation vs distinctiveness
  • The scope of brand strategy
  • How to sell brand strategy
  • Brand strategy in different roles

This module is designed to equip you with all the fundamental concepts that you need to become a true brand-builder.

This module is part of the brand-builder masterclass series. Upon completion, you will receive 'brand-builder' level 1 certificate.

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This course is part of the 'brand-builder' masterclass series.

The only masterclass that will enable you to become a master at the full spectrum of brand strategy.

Each module features an area to master. The modules are:

  1. brand strategy fundamentals (current)
  2. brand strategy research
  3. brand strategy strategy
  4. brand definition & creative

Get your certificate for each module + the one-and-only 'brand-builder' certificate upon completing all modules.